Hey, guys! I don't think I'm going to be updating this much anymore.
I've decided to just stick to one platform:

But, as a last post, here are my newest illustrations


First fat pikachu

A fat pikachu

A fat mudkip

A girl

Me on a bunny

A fat bunny with no arms? 


 Have you seen 'Gummo'? You should watch it.

I found some additions to my to-do list one day when I got into work.

My friend Brandi and I during the Face All Fears/Comeback Kid show.

A spook. 


I haven't forgotten about this. I've just been neglecting it.
I don't really have time to digitally doodle anymore. Or clean up doodles I do on paper. And I don't own a scanner so I have to take pictures with my phone.

Things have been pretty hectic at work. I worked on the Facebook Walking Dead game. It was a lot of fun. I'm currently working on a Facebook game for the Real Housewives. You can check out my company's website if you're interested in what we're doing/what we've done: BOOM !!!!

Next post will be crappy phone pics.


A drawing I'm working on. This is me showing off my smooth legs. 
I just got a new razor. I'm the kind of person that gets really excited about things like that. Why? Who knows. Anyway, I have to use my new razor as soon as I get home. This is something that should be anticipated.

And this is me, today. It irritates me how ridiculously happy some people look when they're "in love."


Check out this sweet background, guise

A doodle that I plan on finishing at some point when I'm not being a lazy mclazyton. Work doesn't give me the energy to do many personal projects. :<

Another one.

I really cannot wait until I can post the stuff I've been working on. So much drawing and animating. I've been ultra busy. Happy Holidays, ladies and gentlebeans. :D